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Global Tint UV Window Film
Reduce UV damage, Heat & Glare

Direct sunlight can be a big problem for shop front displays. Normal glazing will allow sunlight, damaging UV rays and heat to pass through windows during the summer. Window Film can reduce up to 85% of the heat gain and up to 99% UV.


Global Tint Safety Window Film
Health & Safety Complience

If your glass does not have a British Standard Kite Mark, it does not comply with regulations. We can install Safety Window Film that will ensure that your existing glass complies to British and EU Standards for a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass.


Global Tint Solar Control Window Film
A Simple Solution for Privacy

Privacy film can transform glass into a translucent or opaque surface. A cost-effective alternative to replacing existing glazing. For offices in a busy location we'd recommend a film that makes it possible for you to see out, but no-one to see in.


Global Tint Glass Manifestation
Stylish Designs For Clear Glass

To make a spectacular interior design impression, or to fulfil essential health & safety obligations. Window film manifestation is the most cost efficient way to ensure glass doors are marked appropriately for the legal requirements.

Global Tint

Simple & cost Effective

We specify only the highest quality commercial window film, tested and approved to British and European Standards

There is a variety of shades to choose from including colours to match the external look of your building. Some films provide better heat reduction while others create a more private environment. Depending on your needs, there's a Global Tint film that will work for you.

At Global Tint we are passionate about the benefits that commercial window film can bring to you.

Window Films

Enhancing the Look of glass

Our commercial window tinting services aren’t only for the exterior of your building. Window film can also create spectacular effects for the interior. You could choose a decorative film designs to create extra privacy for desk dividers or in boardrooms.

We can custom design any decorative film to include your company logo, your opening hours, the services you provide - nothing is too extreme for customised decorative films.

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From reducing glare to increasing your privacy, Global Tint will have a Commercial Window Film for you.
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